About Us (for Bloggers)


Do you spend HOURS sharing your content wondering the whole time if it will do any good?

Have you considered pulling your hair out when dealing with messy slow interfaces, being asked, “are you human” or resizing your photos 20 times to accommodate each sharing platform?

You are creating beautiful delicious content and then GIVING it to another site?

If so, why does NO ONE seem to cater to your needs?

Where is the sharing site that…

  • Appreciates the content creator
  • Has a FAST interface
  • Has clear instructions
  • Features easy uploading
  • Is super easy to use
  • Tells you what you can do to improve to have your photo accepted?
  • Stays up to date on it’s posting of your timely material
  • Gives you a “do follow” link that is GOOD for your SEO?
  • Shares your content on social media?
  • Actually sends you some traffic?


“I love that it’s by bloggers, for bloggers…. the submission process is easy and user-friendly. Big props to you for that! That’s 90% of the battle.”

Jackie Garvin from Syrup & Biscuits


Collective Yum was founded in 2018 as a place that celebrates, rewards and showcases the best work of food bloggers.

Founders, Logan Childress of Better Than Bread Keto and Wendi Spraker of Loaves and Dishes, work tirelessly to help you promote your work because we KNOW YOU WORK TIRELESSLY to produce the best content out there.

The Collective Yum MISSION is to provide high quality and worthwhile food sharing site that gives you the benefits you need and deserve while showcasing the most beautiful dishes for the world.

Sometimes blogging leaves you feeling vulnerable, confused and used but at Collective Yum, YOU are appreciated.

We know how you feel because we ARE bloggers.

Collective Yum’s GOAL is generosity and personal touch with our contributors. We aim to leave you feeling valued, celebrated, inspired and encouraged to be your best self both professionally and personally. It is truly an honor to offer this service to our community and to create this site for YOU.

Feel free to send a message, suggestions, question or concern at ANY time. That is how we develop new features that work for YOU.


(I mean, beyond sharing your amazing content?)

Tell your blogging friends about the benefits of sharing your content here. Share this site with your readers as an amazing place to find GREAT recipes of all kinds!


  • Our site is easy to use
  • SEO worthy “do follow” links to your site
  • Content is shared out to Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!
  • If your photo can not be used, someone will tell you why (in the kindest possible way) so that you can improve next time (and even resubmit right away!)
  • Bloggers supporting bloggers… What else is more important?