Healthy Hot Chocolate

Bees Knees Cocktail

Quince Alexander

French 77 Cocktail

Apple Maple Dark & Stormy

Japanese Plum Wine / Umeshu

Japanese Plum Wine / Umeshu

Tailgating Drinks – Margarita Punch & Spiked Iced Tea

Strawberry Lemonade Sangria

Pineapple Shrub Gin Fix Cocktail

French 76 Cocktail

Smores Marshmallow and Chocolate Smoothie

Easy Cherry Lemonade

Dark N Stormy

White Lady Cocktail

Matcha Bubble Tea

Frozen Watermelon Margarita

The Last Word Cocktail

Maple Old Fashioned

Improved Blood Orangeade

Healthy & Vegan Green Mango Ginger Smoothie

Cardamom Milk

Hanky Panky Cocktail

Fresh Peach Lemonade

Instant Pot Taro Milk

Honey Simple Syrup

Apple shrub gin fizz cocktail

Taro Bubble Milk Tea

Southside Cocktail

Pomegranate Lemonade

Carrot Shrub Daisy Cocktail

Lavender Water

Cumquat brandy: cardamom, star anise

Masala Milk

Homemade RumChata

Midori Gin and Tonic

Pomelo Fruit Smoothie

Ginger Turmeric Shots

Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie

Limoncello Cocktail

Green Lactation Smoothie

Frozen Pink Grapefruit Prosecco Cocktail

Keto Pumpkin Milkshake that You Need In Your Life

Keto Strawberry Cheesecake Milkshake

Chocolate Chai Kefir

Honey and Lemon Green Tea

Tom Collins Cocktail

Black and White Bourbon Milkshake with Bacon

Low-Carb Cranberry Vodka Spritzer

Be My Valentine Sparkling Raspberry Grapefruit Mocktail

Fenugreek Tea

Classic Peach Bellini Cocktail

Scorpion Cocktail

Homemade Horchata

Creamy Coconut Blue Raspberry Slushie

Fancy Quince Brandy Champagne Cocktail

Coffee Nice Cream Shake

Frozen Banana Daiquiri

Creamy Coconut Blue Raspberry Slushie

Blood Orange Pomegranate Gin Daisy Cocktail

Infused Waters Flavor Ideas to Try

Lavender Simple Syrup

Vanilla Frappucinos

Red Currant Cordial

The Ultimate Chocolate Martini

S’mores Iced Bulletproof Coffee

Skinny Blood Orange Margarita

Frozen Mango Daiquiri

Homemade Orgeat Syrup

Gin Elderflower Cocktail

Dairy Free Watermelon Milkshake

Mai Tai Cocktail

Red Cabbage Juice with Grapes and Mandarin

Quince Pickle Brandy Sour Cocktail

Elderflower Cordial

Spiced Rum Float

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

Aloe Vera Juice

Orange Mango Juice

Drunken Berries for Valentine’s Day

Spicy Sparkling Citrus Margarita

Pineapple Coconut Agua Fresca

Mexican Watermelon Cooler

Easy Strawberry Horchata

Sloe Gin Collins

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Layered Spiderman Cocktail

Frozen Mudslide Cocktail – Non Alcoholic Version Too

Bear Claw Chocolate Milkshake

Quince apple jam gin sour cocktail

Homemade Maraschino Cherries

Iced Passion Fruit Green Tea

Tart Cherry Negroni

Harry’s Pick Me Up Cocktail: Homemade Grenadine

Dry Fruit Smoothie

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Spicy Moscow Mule

Carrot Apple Ginger Juice

For tons of tasty recipe ideas, visit

Raspberry Lemonade Mimosas

Lemon Ginger Mocktail

For tons of tasty recipe ideas, visit

Turmeric Golden Milk

Cranberry Mojito

Carrot Juice

Vietnamese Coffee (Cafe Sua Nong)


Raspberry Lime Vodka Cocktail

Blackberry Whiskey Sour

Passion Fruit Juice

Miami Vice Mocktail

Strawberry Lime Shrub

Carrot Mango Juice

Pineapple Mojito

Pineapple Dole Whip Margarita

Blackberry Cocktail

Watermelon Juice with Mint

7 Infused Water Recipes

All Natural Shamrock Shake

Summer Manhattan Cocktail

Brazilian Limeade

Vintage quince cordial

Slow Cooker Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

Strawberry Smoothie

Negroni Sbagliato (Sparkling Negroni)

Pomegranate Juice

Clean Cucumber Collins (Non-Alcoholic)

Celery Black Pepper Vodka

Beet Carrot and Apple Juice

French 75 Cocktail

Lemongrass Tea

Vanilla Infused Rum

The Resolution Keeper Detox Cocktail (Non-Alcoholic)

Detox Herbal Tea

Gin Mojito

Spiced sherry ‘Sack’ posset: pickled cherry, cinnamon sugar

Star Fruit Juice

Raspberry Mojito Cocktail

Pink Velvet Hot Chocolate

Keto Snowbank Winter Cocktail

Almond Joy Martini

Coquito (Puerto Rican Eggnog)

Low-Carb/Keto-Friendly Lemonade

Homemade Limoncello

Rum & Campari Champagne Cocktail

Grapefruit Mimosa

Frosted Cranberry Cocktail

Charred Grapefruit and Ginger Fizz Mocktail

Sorrel Drink

Easy Glogg (Mulled Wine)

Homemade Cashew Milk

Rhubarb lemonade with orange and cardamom

Dreaming of Summer Cocktail

Pickled cherry chocolate sherry flip cocktail

Strawberry Orange Mock Mimosas

Green Dream Hemp Seed Smoothie

Rosemary Pomegranate French 75

Watermelon Agua Fresca

Fresh Mango Juice

Limonana Lemonade

White Chocolate Liqueur

Snowflake Cocktail

Champagne Pomegranate Cocktail

Clementine Campari Cocktail

Christmas Cosmopolitan

Improved macadamia orgeat limeade

Peachy Iced Green Tea

Homemade Horchata

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

Raspberry Twist Cocktail

Mandarin Pickle Hoopla! Cocktail

Strawberry Honey Lime Mimosas

Long Island Iced Tea

Blackberry Lime Infused Tequila & Tequila Sunset

Mandarin Tarragon Shrub Syrup Drinking Vinegar

Raspberry Vodka

Sober Santa Christmas Punch

Apple Cranberry Ginger Ale Spritzer

Brandied Cranberries

Grinch Punch (Non-Alcoholic)

Champagne Jello Shots

Pineapple Water

Aperol Spritz

Honey Mojito

Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie

Pineapple Jalapeno Infused Tequila

Kale Lemonade

Fruity Bee Collins

Dalgona Chocolate Milk

Passion Fruit and Ginger Mojitos

Autumn grape silver sour cocktail

Hibiscus Collins

Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Bar

Hot Buttered Rum

Grinch Float

Peach Margarita

Immune Booster Smoothie

Strawberry Margaritas

Butterfly Pea Tea Lemonade

Dalgona Cocktail

Paloma Cocktail

How to make Oat Milk

Honey Vodka Cocktail

Honey and Ginger Tea

How to make Matcha Tea

Cinnamon-Apple Smoothie with Oats

Old Pal Cocktail

Easy Homemade Mango Liqueur

Frozen Pineapple Mocktail

Turmeric Orange Smoothie

Dalgona Whipped Coffee

Bedtime Smoothie

Frozen Watermelon Rosé Wine Slushies

Pickle Mai Tai Cocktail

Christmas Sangria

Non Alcoholic Strawberry Mint Mojito

Classic Mint Julep Cocktail

Bailey”s Irish Cream Mudslide

Strawberry Limeade

New Year’s Eve Rum Berry Cocktail

Candy Cane Vodka

Cucumber Mint Infused Water

Dalgona Matcha Latte

Lemon Tea

Whipped Coffee

Lime lightening dark ‘n stormy

Luxurious Italian Hot Chocolate with Kirsch and Hazelnuts

Spiced Pear Liqueur

Violette Royale Cocktail

Cranberry Manhattan

Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

Cranberry Champagne Cocktail

Cranberry Negroni

Turmeric Tonic

Hibiscus Simple Syrup

Simple Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

Christmas Day Punch


Matcha Horchata

Sugar Free Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

Low Carb Coffee Milkshake

Game of Thrones White Walker Blue Cocktail

Butterfly Pea Milk

Fresh Mango Iced Tea

Pineapple Jalapeno Tequila

Frozen Peach Bellini

Tulsi Iced Tea

Aperol Spritz Cocktail

Apple Cider Sangria

Vitamin C Powerhouse Smoothie

How to Make Fruit-Infused Water

Mixed Fruit Punch

How to Make a Slushy Margarita

Limoncello Mojito Cocktail

Raspberry Lime Gin Fix Cocktail

Vanilla Raspberry Martini

Homemade Coconut Milk

Raspberry Shrub Syrup Drinking Vinegar

Strawberry Infused Water

Blackberry Bourbon Smash

Espresso Martini

How to Make Lemonade

Sugar Free Mojito Mocktail

Healthy Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Horse’s Neck Cocktail

Kentucky Buck Cocktail

Irish Cream Coffee

Honey Rhubarb Silver Sour

Kentucky Mule

St.Patrick’s Day Baileys Irish Cream

Cinnamon Apple Cranberry Mimosa

Strawberry Kiwi Juice

Wheatgrass Juice

Coconut Milk Strawberry Smoothie

Spicy Jalapeño Blackberry Margaritas

Bulletproof Turmeric Latte

Lavender Lemonade

Homemade Chai Latte

Festive Cranberry Cocktails

Mango Cocktail with Basil

Strawberry Ginger Bellini

Chamomile Pear Infused Vodka

Berry Spinach Smoothie

Rum and Peach Cocktail with Chilli Syrup

Coconut palm arrack punch: lime, matcha tea, lemon balm, nutmeg

Non Alcoholic Berry Bellini

Nom Yen (Thai Pink Milk)

Classic Mint Julep Cocktail

Blackberry Mint Julep

How to Make a London Fog

White Wine Sangria with Fresh Peppermint

White Negroni

Pumpkin Spice White Russian

Slow Cooker Cranberry Apple Cider

New Orleans Style Cafe au lait

Spicy Verde Margarita

Raspberry Vodka Tonic

New York Whiskey Sour

Champagne Jello Shots

Cape Cod Cocktail

Chocolate Kefir Smoothie

Raspberry Cosmopolitan

Spicy Verde Gin Gimlet

Chocolate Hazelnut Milk

The Last Word Cocktail

15-Minute Chicken Teriyaki Stir-Fry

Strawberry Mojito

Carrot Margaritas An Easter Cocktail

Rosemary Paloma

Coffee banana smoothie

Gingerbread Spice Coffee

Maple Manhattan

Vanilla iced Coffee

Halloween Pirate’s Last Call Cocktail

DIY Juice Cleanse

Aviation Cocktail

Hot Coffee Toddies

Floridita Daiquiri Cocktail

Ginger Lemon Honey Tea

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Protein Smoothie

New England Vodka Sour

Mango Banana Smoothie

Red Sangria loaded with fruits

Easy Strawberry Margaritas

Strawberry banana smoothie

Spirulina Mermaid Lemonade

Glowing Goddess Smoothie

Lemon Cucumber Mint Water

Classic Manhattan Cocktail

Irish Coffee

Pomegranate Cranberry Punch

Blueberry Elderflower Martini

Traditional Thai Jasmine Infused Water

Homemade Sugar-Free Chai Latte

Low Carb Eggnog Shake or Cocktail

Pistachio rose water orgeat syrup

Kiwi Envy Cocktail

Spirulina Smoothie

Cherry shrub brandy daisy cocktail

Pomegranate Lime Spritzer

Blood Orange Cocktail

Soursop Juice

Pistachio rose rhubarb Japanese cocktail: seasonal twist on Jerry Thomas classic


Christmas Mimosa

Greyhound Cocktail

Strawberry Detox Juice

Brandy Alexander Cocktail

Amazing Chocolate Liqueur

Vieux Carré Cocktail

Boozy Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Tulsi Syrup

Fruity Red Sangria

Cranberry Thyme Shrub

Bloody Mary Infused Vodka

Peppermint Martini

Homemade Hot Chocolate

Cranberry Orange Champagne Cocktail

How to Make Bubble Tea with Any Tea

Easy Homemade Eggnog

Orange Mosambi Juice

Double Cranberry Cosmopolitan

Fernet and Coke

Rhubarb shrub gin fix cocktail

Ginger Honey Mocktail

Blackberry Martini

Apple Cider Mimosas

Cinnamon & Orange Glögg

Blueberry shrub syrup

Non-alcoholic Cranberry Ginger Ale Punch

Homemade Candy Cane Vodka

Blueberry shrub syrup pisco sour cocktail

The Toronto Cocktail

Creamy Hot Chocolate

Kesar Pista (Saffron and Pistachio) Smoothie

Masala Chai

Kombucha Passion Fruit Spritz

Cinnamon Butter Coffee Drops

Nimbu Pani (lemonade)

The Total Yodel Shot Recipe

Gin and Cucumber Basil Smash

Make Pineapple Juice at Home {with a blender}

Keto Hot Chocolate

Keto French Vanilla Coffee Creamer

Rose lavender dry martini

German Glühwein mulled wine

Orange Spice Mulled Tea

Cuba Libre Cocktail

homemade iced mocha with homemade chocolate syrup

Thai Iced Tea

Homemade Eggnog

Homemade Coffee Liqueur

Pickle blood orange Americano cocktail

Easy Ginger Water

Alkalising Morning Juice

Bourbon Hot Toddy

Cranberry Negroni

Adrak di Cha

Smoothie Recipe with Apples

Homemade Eggnog Smoothie

How To Preserve Lime Juice

Blood Orange Martini

Swiss Chard Smoothie

Virgin Pina Colada

Orange Crush Cocktail

Pickle Gin Buck Cocktail

Honeysuckle Cocktail

Homemade Cranberry Liqueur

Autumn Greens Pear Juice

Homemade Apple Pie Moonshine

Harvest Plum Juice

Saffron Milk

Apple Elderflower Martini

Fresh Limeade Recipe

No-Alcohol Eggnog

Blood Orange Whiskey Sours

Mango Pomegranate Vodka Spritzers

Gevalia Mexican Coffee

Pickle La Paloma Cocktail

Candy & Caramel Apple Drinks

Homemade Chocolate Liqueur

Peppermint Patty Cold Brew Cocktail

Watermelon Juice

Lacinato Kale Green Smoothie with Marian Plums

Lemon Myrtle Ginger Beer Spiders

Blood Orange Margaritas

Nutella Latte

Tasty Eggnog

Homemade Vegan Baileys

Golden Milk – Anti-Inflammation Drink

Blackberry Liqueur

Island Breeze Mimosas

Strawberry Ginger Beer Chilcano de Pisco Cocktail

Double Cherry Old Fashioned

Starbucks Eggnog Latte

Cafe de Olla

Date and Chikoo Smoothie

Cherry Bourbon

Starbucks Hot Chocolate

Improved Strawberry Shrub: Port Cocktail

Watermelon Lime Aqua Fresca Recipe

Apple Cider Punch

Homemade Limoncello

Fermented Strawberry Rhubarb Soda – Fermented with Wild Yeast

Strawberry Lemonade Recipe